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25 August 2015

The MeaseyLab produces it's first joint publication. The idea for this study came from finding huge numbers of eggs, tadpoles and frogs in the stomachs of Xenopus.  We then wondered which other species are frog eaters, and under what circumstances does this happen?

Although the study ended up with some more questions, we did find some interesting answers. For example, we found that invasive frogs are more likely to eat frogs than native frogs, and this effect was increased when we ignored the many studies on (mostly Cane) toads. 

Read all about it:

Measey GJ, Vimercati G, de Villiers FA, Mokhatla MM, Davies SJ, Edwards S, Altwegg R. (2015) Frog eat frog: exploring variables influencing anurophagy.PeerJ3:e1204

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