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Reasons to be cheerful...

12 February 2021

Welcome to Laurie - and lots of other reasons to celebrate...

After nearly a year without being able to meet up, the MeaseyLab managed to meet today to celebrate lots of things that have happened.

Welcome to Laurie - who managed to make it to South Africa from Paris to conduct her PhD project on Xenopus laevis in South Africa (part of a co-tutelle with Anthony Herrel at the Natural History Museum in Paris). 

Congratulations to Carla - who had her Hons project accepted for publication (more on that soon).

Very well done to Andrea - who has finished his work on Raucous and Western Leopard Toads, and welcome to Novella visiting from Milan

Siya and Sam are also to be congratulated for all their hard work and perseverance in the lonely pandemic world of SU kepp up the good work guys! 

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