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Invasive crayfish

29 April 2016

Ana's crayfish make a splash...

There are no freshwater crayfish indigenous to South Africa, but failed aquaculture schemes have resulted in the escape of crayfish into several catchments in South Africa's northeastern provinces. Now some of these have been introduced to Zambia and are threatening the Okavango Delta. Read more about this in an article recently published in The Conversation

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A baby girl for Mac

28 April 2016

A beautiful baby girl!

Congratulations to Mac and Dumi on the birth of their beautiful daughter.

We are so pleased that a farewell party turned into the start of a new life 9 months on!

Will she be a frogger?

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So what do we know about soil fauna?

14 April 2016

South Africa's mega-diverse soil community - reviewed!

In an amazing paper, Charlene Janion and colleagues (including MeaseyLab's Siviwe Lamani) have produced a synthesis on what is known about the massive diversity of South Africa's soil community. 

This paper is truely a landmark piece, and will act as a resource for years to come!

Find the full text here

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More coverage for Mac

12 April 2016

Here's some more coverage on Mac's piece from Eyewitness News:


A bleak future for Cape frogs?

11 April 2016

Read Mac's article about the past, present and future of Cape frogs published today in The Conversation:

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