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Hybridisation or not - that is the question

24 April 2017

To hybridise or not?

Here's another interesting take on the continuing saga of hybridisation between the invasive Xenopus laevis and Endangered Xenopus gilli

We found no evidence of hybridisation between these species, despite finding many F1 hybrids in the past. This suggests some post-zygotic isolation happening in the hybrid zones. These days, that's just about everywhere for X. gilli .

Ben Evans, Ben Furman, Caroline Cauret & John Measey

Ben Evans visit to the CIB in June 2015 kick started this work. Ben received a CIB fellowship. You could apply too...

I was lucky enough to visit Ben's lab in March 2017.

Furman, B., Cauret, C., Colby, G., Measey, J. & Evans, B.J. (2017) Limited genomic consequences of hybridization between two African clawed frogs, Xenopus gilli and X. laevis (Anura: Pipidae). Scientific Reports7(1):1091 pdf

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