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The problem with liver...

10 September 2018

The frozen liver conundrum

You want to go frog trapping tonight, but the shop only sells frozen liver. You're already in the field, so what do you do?

Liver is a really useful bait for frogs in the genus Xenopus.  Attracted by the meaty odours, the frogs will willingly come into a trap placed overnight into a ditch or pond. However, chicken livers are regularly sold frozen, and the frozen block is really hard to sparate and use. 

Here you see Marius Burger finding a solution to this frozen liver problem. Although his first key idea was functional, it wasn't popular. The next solution is, I believe, unbeatable and one that we are ready to share with you. Moreover, this might be the first time that anyone has come up with such a practical and fast solution to the frozen liver conundrum.

Thanks Marius!

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