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Jean Secondi talks at the French Society of Ecology

24 October 2018

Jean Secondi talks at the International Conference on Ecological Studies in Rennes, France


In the gloom of the conference room, Jean Secondi prepares to talk about invasive frogs in France. The project, which includes MeaseyLab PhD student Natasha Kruger (co-supervised by Secondi in a co-tutelle agreement with U. Lyon), aims to show control strategies for the invasive population of African clawed frogs in France. Hosted by the French Society of Ecology, this meeting has some really top names.

Peering through the gloom in the room, you can just see Jean gearing up for his talk. Sorry I couldn’t be there, but Dave Richardson managed to take and send this snap!

You can find the abstract book here and more about the meeting here. Don't forget to look out for past and present CIBers (hey Giovanni!). 

Jean Secondi, Giovanni Vimercati, Natasha Kruger, Julien Courant, John Measey, Anthony Herrel (2018) Evolutionary processes, connectivity and control strategies in Xenopus laevis. International Conference on Ecological Studies in Rennes, France (October 2018). 

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