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Facilitated Networks in Invasion Science

06 November 2018

Workshop on facilitated networks in Invasion Science

It was a great pleasure to welcome invasion biologists representing Brazil (Silvia Ziller), India (Inderjit) and China (Bo Li) in our workshop. The plan was to explore the value of creating facilitated networks, like the CIB, in other BRICS countries to help offset the accumulating invasion debt from their growing economic activities.

Our workshop started with a talk given by Susan Canavan based on the paper by Packer et al (2017). Then Dave Richardson provided an overview of the CIB followed by contributions about networks in Brazil, India and China from our invited guests. Lastly, I gave a talk about the proposed facilitated network that could see CIB style networks being set-up in BRICS nations.

I'm pleased to say that the idea was well received and we are planning to press ahead with our policy piece on this issue once we've finalised the manuscript. Watch this space...

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