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My talk to the Brazilian Congress of Herpetology

24 July 2019

Back in UNICAMP to attend the 9th Brazilian Congress of Herpetology

It's great to be back in Brazil, and a real honour to be asked to present at the 9th Brazilian Congress of Herpetology

The meeting has been fantastic, with more than 900 participants, Brazilian herpetology is in an amazingly good condition. I've met up with lots of Brazilian friends, old and new, including nearly everyone that I met last year when I visited Brazil in May (see blog post and here). Especially good to spend more time with Prof Marcio Borges-Martins, who kindly translated my presentation into Portuguese (although I didn't torture the audience, and stuck to English).

Measey, J. Anfíbios invasores: uma visão da África austral sobre oportunidades e insights. 9th Brazilian Congress of Herpetology Campinas, Brazil

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