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A talk on Cane Toads by Georgia Ward-Fear

30 August 2020

A talk on Cane Toads - by Georgia Ward-Fear

At the end of 2019, Georgia and I began writing a chapter together on ethics in amphibian invasions. This turned out to be quite an undertaking, and it was a great privaledge to work with Georgia on this now accepted manuscript (see here for link to come...). I mentioned to Georgia that I was giving a class on Invasion Biology to our 3rd year undergraduates at Stellenbosch University, and she immediately volunteered to give them a talk all about Cane Toads. She recorded this ahead of time, and so I share it with you below:

Cane Toads have become a specially important group to the MeaseyLab since we started studying Guttural Toads some five years ago. The two species both belong to the family Bufonidae, but are not otherwise closely related. However, both being large bufonids we became interested in whether the same adaptations that have been extensively researched in Cane Toads could also be found in Guttural Toads. Indeed, so much work has now been done on Cane Toads, that we can use this as inspiration for questions for a long time to come.

Thanks so much to Georgia for stepping forward and volunteering to present for the BDE345 students - I'm sure that they really appreciated it. You're a star!

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