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Interview about 'How to Publish'

13 September 2022

Another interview with Daniel Shea from Scholarly Communication 

You may remember that back in April 2020, I put up a blog post about an interview I conducted with Daniel Shea for his Scholarly Communication podcast (see here). I found that interview very demanding as Daniel had done a great job of reading the entire book and had some very challenging questions. So I felt that I had to be better prepared for this second interview, this time about the newly published 'How to publish in Biological Sciences'. 

Once again, Daniel surprised me with his insightful and probing questions. I'm not going to write too much here about the interview, but why not take a listen and see what you think?

Thanks to Daniel for making this such an enlightening and challenging interview. 

Remember that you can read the book for free at

Measey J (2022) How to publish in Biological Sciences: a guide for the uninitiated. CRC Press, Boca Raton.  ISBN: 9781032116419                            

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