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Fieldwork in San Diego

17 July 2023

Field work to catch African Clawed frogs in San Diego

San Diego has the world's oldest extant invasive population of African clawed frogs, Xenopus laevis. I visited briefly in the summer of 1995 when I was doing my PhD studies, and successfully trapped in Tecolote Canyon and a pond in Spring Valley (Avocado) where I captured large numbers of individuals. 

The creeks in the San Diego canyons yielded large numbers of X. laevis  on this trip.

It was also great to revisit Tecolote Canyon with Alina and Tyrone who have been working there for the past 15 years or so. Now looking much better than it did in the 1990s, Tecolote Canyon is home to a thriving population of African clawed frogs. 

Thanks so much to Carla, Tyrone, Alina, Olivia and Lin for all their help in making this trip such a success.

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