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Bullfrog diet

02 October 2018

Bullfrog diet shows widespread predation on small vertebrates of the Andaman Islands - published today

Regular readers of this blog will know that I visited the Andaman Islands in February 2018 (see blog entry here). During that visit, Nitya and I finished the manuscript on the diet of invasive Indian bullfrogs that are expanding their range in the area. We went into Port Blair to submit the manuscript to PeerJ. This took us much of the day as not only was the internet very very slow, but there were frequent power cuts that constantly interrupted the task.

Below: Nitya sitting in a very small box in an internet cafe in Port Blair submitting his ms to PeerJ

Above: Nitya now sitting in my office in Stellenbosch sending back the proof of the same paper to PeerJ

The paper explores diet of invasive bullfrogs on the Andaman Islands. We found that bullfrogs ate most things, including many of the indigenous vertebrates on the islands.

Mohanty, N.P. & Measey, J. (2018) What’s for dinner? Diet and potential trophic impact of an invasive anuran Hoplobatrachus tigerinus on the Andaman archipelago. PeerJ   10.7717/peerj.5698

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