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Three go mad in Durban

11 June 2019

Carla's own trip to Durban

In February, you may remember that Carla visited Durban to collect toads with Adriana and Carla (see blog entry here). That was to get animals for their work on Guttural Toads, but Carla also works on Guttural Toads, and so needed to visit Durban for her own work.

Although it was easy to find toads in February, Carla found working in June much more challenging. Toads only come out on rainy or really warm nights. So she managed to find some willing helpers.

Cleverly, Carla gets the toads to do most of her work for her. They have a hop on, hop off weighing system.

One of their sites was on a golf course, and transport was laid on (of course!). Do you recognise the helpers in Carla's cart? 

Yes, it's Damian (he of the snake EICAT and SEICAT project - see here) and Nitya (he of the Andaman bullfrogs & #MohantyMagic - see here). Both were available and in Durban to help collect toads on those long Durban nights.

When Carla found a snake, Nitya and Damian were on hand to handle it.

And of course, we've all seen Nitya getting down to the hard work before... see here.

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