Corey. Alex and Giovanni Graduate

16 March 2017

Graduation day arrives

Congratualtions to Giovanni (PhD), Corey (MSc) and Alex (MSc in absentia) for graduating at Stellenbosch. 

Great to see you looking so smart!


News coverage for new Capensibufo

16 March 2017

News coverage for the newly defined Capensibufo rosei on the Cape peninsula

NB: Don't believe everything you read in the press!

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Vitising University of Toronto

08 March 2017

Presenting global amphibian impacts at University of Toronto - Scarborough

I got some great feedback from the folk at University of Toronto - Scarborough on our work assessing the impacts of invasive amphibians. In this slide I was talking about the article published the same day in The Converstation. 

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Happy World Wildlife Day!

03 March 2017

It's World Wildlife Day again

This year I've put together a piece for The Conversation about World Wildlife Day. Read it by following the link here.



Far far away in a snowy backwater

02 March 2017

It's warm inside, but outside it's freezing - literally

I'm very luckky to be spending some time in the Evans Lab this March, with my first experience of a -10 C cycle ride in Canada today. We're working up the next gen sequencing data generated last year for investigating hybridisation of Xenopus laevis and Xenopus gilli

Ben visited the MeaseyLab back in June 2015, when he delivered a workshop on next gen sequencing analysis. Ben's work at McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario, has already included processing of lots of next gen datasets. Handling all the data is quite a task!

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