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CIB Annual Research Meeting

10 November 2016

The 2016 CIB Annual Research Meeting

Once again the CIB put together an awesome ARM with fantastic plenary speakers: Marc Cadotte, Scott Carroll, and Laura Celesti-Grapow

2016 CIB ARM

Has the CIB grown since last year?

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Urban invasions workshop

08 November 2016

Urban Invasions Workshop

Participants at the urban invasions workshop relax after a gruelling two days of meeting and talking about urban invasions.

We will look back on the memories of this workshop when we read the special issue to be compiled for Biological Invasions (now available here).

To see our own frogg contribution you can follow the blog here. Or read the paper here.

Many thanks to Mirijam Gaertner an colleagues at the CIB for making the meeting possible. 

CIB Podcast

01 November 2016

"Invasion Science" - the CIB's new podcast series is here:

Invasion Sciene

In this first episode, Jaco le Roux and Stuart Hall are interviewed about recent publications.


OTS monitoring work at Cape Point

26 October 2016

Monitoring the Cape Clawed frog with the Organisation for Tropical Studies 

The Organisation for Tropical Studies (OTS) are back in the Cape region and this is our chance to do a Faculty Field Project (FFP) on movement of Xenopus gilli in the Cape of Good Hope. They were with us back in February.

The weather was great and we managed to catch and mark lots of new frogs.

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The complete genome of Xenopus laevis

20 October 2016

Finally, the complete genome of the African clawed frog is published

Yes, it's here. The paper that we've waited for, for what seems like quite a few years now. So, genome duplication made it a little more difficult than the average genome, but that's what you might expect from African clawed frogs: Xenopus laevis

Skip to the full paper here: Session et al 2016